Films soundtracks

OST from Owl Mountain (dir. Audrius Juzėnas, 2018)

This example includes segments from 3 scenes of the film. Owl Mountain (dir. Audrius Juzėnas) is a historical drama about the challenges of young generation in post-war Lithuania. The soundtrack features both epic gestures and intimate moments, and the music supports the film's dramatic and emotional structure. Global Music Awards recognised dr. Titas Petrikis with Silver Medal for the original soundtrack of the film.

Comedy and Adventure Reel

Film examples include Who Killed Nelson Nutmeg (dir. Danny Stack and Tim Clague), Vardas Tamsoje (eng. The Name in the Dark, dir. Agnė Marcinkevičiūtė), Conversationing (dir. Nick Calori), and Il tuor di Davide (dir. Nicola Sersale)

Drama and Action Reel

This example includes scenes from Grandpa (dir Andrius Paskevičius), Noirville (dir. Andy Marsh), and Owl Mountain (dir. Audrius Juzėnas).

Romantic Drama

This example is from the romantic drama I Want To Live (directed by Justinas Krisiūnas).

Romantic Drama 2

This is example no. 2 from the film I Want To Live (directed by Justinas Krisiūnas).

Concert music

The Legend about Dracula

At the end of 19th century London is terrified by mysterious and unexplainable deaths. Dutch professor Van Helsing is convinced this disaster is caused by a vampire -- an undead creature which prolongs its existence by feeding on the blood of the living. The professor reveals who is the vampire, when he meets count Dracula. As Dracula cannot overcome Van Helsing, he flees away and hides from the professor. Unfortunately, the evil count infects young lady Mina, fiancee of the professor's friend. She follows Dracula to his ruined abbey. The only chance for professor Van Helsing to save Mina is to kill count Dracula in his coffin before the sun set.