Owl Mountain (dir. Audrius Juzėnas) is a film about disturbing post-war times in Lithuania

2018 / 03 / 13

Owl Mountain (dir. Audrius Juzėnas) is a historical drama about the challenges of young generation in post-war Lithuania. After a brief recovery from the war frontline between the Soviets and Nazis, the story takes us to 1946-1953 when Lithuania is occupied by the Soviet regime. In this dark moment of the Lithuanian history, five young teenagers reveal their tough choices: either conform to the Soviet regime or face its mental and physical clench. In this story the main lead Tadas shows the price one has to pay for sacrafacion of lost dreams and morality.

The soundtrack features both epic gestures and intimate moments, and the music supports the film's dramatic and emotional structure. The soundtrack has been recorded in 2018 at Mamastudio (recording engineer Arunas Zujus), the same year as the premiere of the film. The photo is taken on the last music mixing session, and the project has been quite intensive in its delivery. They usually are this way. Pictured here Titas Petrikis (on the left), recording engineer Arūnas Zujus (in the middle), and the film director Audrius Juzėnas (on the right).   

The final music mixing day with Titas Petrikis (Left), Arunas Zujus (Centre), and Audrius Juzenas (Right)

The soundtrack is available at various digital streaming and download platforms, including CDBaby, Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, Dezzer, and dozen the others. 









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