Most Expensive Series - TV

2022 / 02 / 22

Director Laimonas, who is suffering from constant anxiety has drowned in the film set. He has been filming the sixteenth season of the same TV series "Damned chavs" for ten years. Everything in his environment - the same, indifferent faces and increasingly exhausted banal screenplays. His life is not better either; a Soviet-era apartment, Opel and his obese wife, whose cynical approach to his work and creativity end up ruining him. One morning, Laimonas meets a long-known director who says that he has an unrealistic project with Monica Bellucci. Inspired by professional jealousy and illusory thoughts about his career, Laimonas says he will make a film with movie and music stars. His time has finally come, but at the same moment, it seems that everything is turning upside down. Unable to play the role in the series, the charming actress accuses him of harassment, and the protagonist of the main character gets involved in the absurd crime - the disappearance of the actress. What's more, the producers and the television establish their own rules and the hysterical team doesn't stop blaming for food and working overtime. And that's just the beginning of a raging nightmare accompanied by the crazy behind-the-scenes filming of the series.