Lobis (Unknown Treasures) directed by Agne Marcinkeviciute

2022 / 02 / 01

Austeja's parents get a job opportunity they do not want to say no to, and send their daughter to the country with the grandparents together with another child, Martynas. The children are bored at first, but they quickly discover that their stay in the country is anything but boring.

The film was created based on the script of the same name writer Renata Šerelytė and director Agnė Marcinkevičiūtė. In the story full of adventures, we will see film and theater actors well known to all viewers - Vladas Bagdonas, Janina Matekonytė, and we will see young talents making their debut in the cinema: Patricias Volkovas, Jonas Šumskas, Ainis Radkevičius, Bernadetas Mikutaitė.

The best vacation is with grandparents in the village! But not Austėi (actress Patricia Volkova). Those parents (actresses Monika Valkūnaitė and Valdas Jaskūnas) went completely crazy! Instead of the promised trip to the water park, they themselves have to go somewhere for work, and they want to banish her to a country house. Total nonsense! First of all, there is no Wi-Fi there, and secondly, what to do there all week? Thirdly, she doesn't know the grandparents at all, the last time she visited there was very small, and now Austea is 10 years old. You understand that the vacation is completely ruined.

In order not to be bored to death, Austeja comes up with an ideal idea - to invite his best friend Martynas (actor Jonas Šumskas) to visit his grandparents together. After going to the village, it turns out that the grandparents (actors Vladas Bagdonas and Janina Matekonytė) are really a little crazy, maybe even a lot! They adore frogs, have a whole collection of them and even live in a homestead called "Kingdom of Frogs"! Not only that, he talks very strangely, the grandparents accidentally say that on the island near the homestead, deep underground, lies the most real TREASURE! So you won't be bored in the village! When the biggest secret is revealed, something magical happens and the grandparents mysteriously disappear. As a terrible storm rages, the children remain completely alone in the homestead... And then, it all begins!

After discovering a real treasure map and, under strange circumstances, meeting the children Ryte (actor Bernadeta Mikutaitė) and Augustus (actor Ainis Ratkevičius) who live near the homestead, the four get ready to search for the treasure, and in pursuit of their dream, the children gradually become true friends.

Full of adventures, unforgettable experiences, breath taking dangers and mysteries, the film "Treasure" will help everyone understand that real treasures are not hidden deep underground, but are hidden in each of our hearts, you just need to know how to find them...