Harmony in Motion: The Making of 'Draugų lažybos' Soundtrack with VMU Music Production Graduates

2024 / 02 / 16

I am thrilled to announce the premiere of the film "Draugų lažybos (Friends’ Bet)" directed by Justinas Krisiūnas and its original soundtrack. It's heartwarming to witness the talented team of Vytautas Magnus University Music Production graduates - Nojus Karaliūnas, Kasparas Šimkevičius, Gabrielius Tvirbutas, and Aistis Savickas - contribute their instruments, voices, and original compositions to enrich this dynamic film project. This collaboration exemplifies the synergy between university education and industry, providing students at the onset of their careers with the opportunity to apply their skills, observe the process, and celebrate the results together. We hope this marks the beginning of ongoing cooperation, and that the film's soundtrack will resonate with audiences, heralding the start of a fantastic collaboration and creating unforgettable memories.

"Friends’ Bet" is showing in all Lithuanian cinemas starting this week, and its soundtrack is available on all digital platforms, including Spotify, YouTube, Tidal, Apple Music, and others.

Hats off to Arunas Zujus and Vytautas Bedalis, the exceptional music engineers who mixed and mastered the soundtrack.